Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With Houston

Local and National Government Support Agencies Set Up Shop at Skybox Houston One

On behalf of the extended Skybox team, we want to pass along our thoughts and prayers to all of Houston, its residents, and those that travelled far and near to support family, friends, and complete strangers.

We were on-site with our Houston critical facilities team during Harvey for the past three days. Happy to report our site performed as-designed and we had no power, cooling or flooding events. In addition, there were zero power interruptions from our substation and zero need to run generators throughout the event. I can’t thank and say enough about our team’s ability to work seamlessly throughout this unparalleled disaster.

As a testament to our facility’s reliability; our business continuity space will now serve as a safe staging point in assisting local and national government emergency resources. Our doors will be open to them for as long as needed and we look forward to lending a helping hand.

We can’t choose where it rains or how much, but we can choose to stand together throughout these trying times. Skybox is committed to Houston and we look forward to solving the challenges ahead together as we rebuild.