Houston Colocation: Benefits of Local Data Storage & Processing

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Whether you’re a tech start-up or aerospace enterprise, your data must be securely stored somewhere. Here are the benefits of Houston colocation.

While the larger tech giants like Facebook and Google have the available funds necessary to manage data in-house, many other small to medium enterprises are left to fend for themselves. Because not all organizations have the resources or expertise to store their own data or maintain critical environments, the demand for colocation services has never been greater. While this demand can be felt in markets nationwide, the Houston market is particularly primed for enterprise and colo market growth.  

Not only is Houston the most populous city in Texas, but it also houses the most Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the state. While the city has always seen a relatively steady economy filled with a range of energy, oil and healthcare enterprises, its current influx of new organizations and start-ups has served as an unspoken call-to-action for data centers to offer colocation services for users of all sizes. 

While most companies with scaling data needs have probably considered colocation, it’s important to note that there are no qualifications necessary to be eligible for colocation. If you have data, it must be stored somewhere—it’s not any more complicated than that. Below, we’ve highlighted some key benefits of local data colocation.


Unmatched Security & Maintenance Operations

One massive benefit of opting for colocation is 24/7 monitoring, security, and proven operations. Mission-critical data centers and their staff know the importance of keeping data safe, accessible, and online 24/7x365. By storing your data in a facility designed intentionally with security and maintenance protocols in place, you’ll have access to round-the-clock monitoring and controlled access to ensure your data and equipment are always operating in peak conditions. Not only will your information and equipment be guarded physically, but you’ll also have access to unmatched data security protocols and operational expertise you might not otherwise be able to employ yourself. 

Expert IT Support

While you may have an internal IT department, data centers provide you with an extended IT support team working on-site 24/7 to monitor, troubleshoot, and report ongoing items in real-time. By utilizing your center's support personnel, your IT team will have the ability to focus on day-to-day business operations and better utilize their department budget. And with expert support comes expert solutions, meaning you’ll also have the ability to implement efficient cooling procedures and industry best practices without needing to staff a new department. 

Cost Savings

As stated earlier, hosting data in-house may make sense for larger companies who have the available capital and infrastructure. Not only is this a complex, resource-heavy solution, but it also leads to future costs down the road. Utilizing colocation services instantly provides you with the necessary infrastructure, equipment, support and processes needed for efficient data storage. Looking further ahead, colocation is a scalable solution. As your business and data storage needs grow, you have the ability to add additional equipment and support as needed, an option that may not be available if you choose to host your data in-house. 

Data centers are purpose-built to operate with efficient operations, security protocols, and cooling processes. Choosing to store your data on-site exposes you to inefficient processes that could put your enterprise at an increased risk of data loss, server downtime, and equipment malfunctions. 

Utilizing a local data center for colocation keeps your mission-critical data in safe hands. Not only that but keeping your data close by allows for better access as well as faster network connectivity and redundancy.

At Skybox, our colocation service facilities offer best-in-class solutions, expert IT support, and 24/7 monitoring—as well as fortified infrastructure built to withstand even the harshest conditions.     

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