How Do You Build Safely During a Pandemic?

An unprecedented year, a tight timeline and a customer with significant needs.

“How can we build one of the worlds’ highest density data center facilities’ in unparalleled time and do it in such a way that was unequivocally safe?” – Rob Morris, CEO 

This year has brought challenges for everyone, and the data center sector has not been excluded from those challenges. With 2020 in full swing, Skybox had a Fortune Global 500 client with specific and urgent needs at their Houston campus. By March they had created a plan to expedite construction for completion by the end of the year, and then news of the pandemic swept the nation. Businesses everywhere slowed, some to a stopping point. Skybox knew they had to keep to their timeline, but safety for their construction site was also of the utmost importance. That’s when CPS jumped in to help.

Matt Koerner, Principal at CPS, explained their approach. “We knew that being reactionary and just wearing masks and gloves and goggles just wasn’t going to be enough. We had to be very proactive in finding a solution that enhanced that safety. What we discovered in conjunction in working with data that was being put out by leading scientists and medical professionals was that we had to control the airflow through the space. Not just push it through, and not just get a high volume, but really control how the air flowed through the space.”

Through the partnership of Skybox and CPS, Skybox was able to create a safer working environment for vendors, customers and staff while still keeping to their customers’ timeline. 

Rob summarized the project well: “While we may not be able to eliminate COVID-19, we can all do our part to improve air quality and ultimate safety for everyone involved.”