Skybox Unboxed featuring James Ware


The basis for Skybox’s success lies in the hard work and achievement of our employees. We are highlighting each of our team members from various departments to share their impact on Skybox and what makes them the heartbeat of our organization.

“James is the definition of reliability. He consistently executes beyond expectations and raises the bar for data center operations for Skybox and its customers.” – Rob Morris, CEO

How did you get into data center operations?

Simply put, I was looking for more of a challenge. I started my career in the building trade with Hines Interest and then transitioned to a mechanical contractor. At the time, I wasn’t really sure what direction to take my career. I had gained some experience with data centers while working at the BMC software campus, so I decided to apply for an operations supervisory position at The Planet in 2005. After working for The Planet for five years, I was hired at CyrusOne as a Critical Facilities Manager in 2010. I was introduced to Skybox by an industry leading engineering group in 2014. After our introductory meeting, I knew then that these guys where a group I wanted to be a part of. I really enjoy the challenges of working in the mission critical world because it pushes me to be my best, which better positions me to support our customers.

What is one thing we don’t know about you?

It’s a bit of a misnomer but most people think being in operations means you’re not the most warm and fuzzy personality. But at the end of the day, I really do enjoy developing people, building customer relations and genuinely helping people develop solutions. I love working with others to learn their strengths, motivations, and inspirations on a day-to-day basis. Educating others in my trade to grow into strong, professional individuals is a key part of what I personally enjoy in my role at Skybox.

What makes working for Skybox different?

As an operations manager, I really appreciate their personal approach to running a business. I’ve gotten to know everyone on the team very well and feel like I can call on anyone when a need arises. There are always opportunities to make things better, and not simply be satisfied with the status quo: the best method beats tradition. Every job has challenges, but I genuinely enjoy coming to work each and every day. I think more than anything, I enjoyed watching us all grow with an overwhelming drive to be successful. The support of our team is unrivaled. My personal development has grown exponentially here because of our team culture and the various opportunities and challenges tackled together. Whether I may be wrong, or we may go a different route, I know that as an employee I’m heard, trusted, and supported.

What is your favorite way to spend your time off?

You may find me in my garage working on a car, ATV, motorcycle or some other project, but most importantly, time off is spent with my family. I’ve been married to Lauren for seven years and have four kids: Austin (26), Kimberly (24), David (16), and Colt (3). It’s been incredible to watch them grow into young adults and learn what they’re passionate about. Most weekends, we try to find a way to goof off together or just hang out watching a movie. My parents are a strong thread in our lives and are also very adamant about spending family time together. They like to host family dinners and game nights a few times a month so everyone can catch up. We really enjoy traveling as a family – my next “to do” is to plan a family trip together!